Entrepreneurship Program



In June 2016, HCTC held the first Entrepreneurship Summer Camp sponsored by the Heyward Education Foundation. The program was free to high school students from Richland County School District One. Students learned about writing business plans; professionalism; leadership and teambuilding skills; competing for the best business ideas; and contending for top prizes. The camp was held for eight days with morning and afternoon sessions, and space was limited to thirty participants.


This program was so successful that the idea was extended into the 2016-17 school year, was repeated during the summer of 2017 and will continue in 2017-18. The next Entrepreneurship Program will begin on October 26 and will be held on B days from 9:00-10:00. The program and space are limited to fifteen students.


The program is coordinated by Mr. Paul Smith, a professor from Newberry College. He possesses national certification from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. The program implements 21st century soft skills and includes guest speakers who are entrepreneurs. At the end of the program, students will participate in a "Shark Tank" style competition. Each student or team will create their own business model which includes required components that they have learned during the year. Winner/s will be awarded more than $200 in cash and prizes.