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Notification to Parents of Middle or High School Students Requesting Transfers from the Virtual School Program to the Phase-in (Hybrid) Model or from the Phase-in Model to the Virtual School Program

More than 2300 requests for transfers into or out of the Virtual School Program were received by the deadline of October 19. Our goal is to accommodate as many of your requests as possible with the least amount of disruption to learning. As has been stated on numerous occasions, however, staffing and spacing must be considered in making moves of this magnitude.

Additionally, soon as we have determined which transfers can be accommodated based on spacing and staffing, all affected students must be moved within PowerSchool. Finally, coordination with the Offices of Transportation and Nutrition Services must be completed to ensure transportation routes and meal prep/meal pickup plans are accurate. All of this behind-the-scenes work takes time.

Parents will be notified on or before November 4 as to whether their request for transfer has been approved.

Until the transfer process has been completed, parents who requested transfers should note the following:

  1. If your child is currently in the Virtual School Program and you requested a transfer to the Phase-in (Hybrid) Model, your child will continue to be served in his/her Virtual School Program classes until further notification. Please have him/her log in for classes in Microsoft Teams, as usual.
  2. If your child is a middle or high school student in the Phase-in Model and you requested a transfer to the Virtual School Program, your child should continue to participate in lessons online with classmates in Microsoft Teams, just as s/he has done in the past.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s principal.