Lower Richland High School provides a curriculum for all students that
includes the infusion of STEM practices and 21st century skills. STEAM stands
for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students with an interest
in STEAM fields may apply to participate in our STEM program which includes the
STEAM Academy Program and other extracurricular STEM activities. The STEM
Academy Program provides additional learning experiences for the students most
motivated to pursue STEAM careers. The school also has a career related program
along with rigorous classes which includes Project Lead the Way,  IB and AP
classes that all supports Lower Richland’s STEM program. Students also have the
opportunity to participate in the school's competitive robotics club, engage in college
tours and have an opportunity to work in the school’s greenhouse.  The STEAM Academy provides many additional
authentic learning experiences for students motivated to pursue STEAM careers.
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