For more information on eLearning, please see the eLearning Tab in the Home Row at the top of this page or click the link below.


Eau Claire eLearning Information: https://www.richlandone.org/domain/2363  (Updated 3/18)


The Information Technology (IT) Department will provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents of Richland School District 1 on eLearning Days. The IT Support Team can be reached by calling 803-231-7436. This number will be active Monday through Friday from the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  


For additional information regarding logins, passwords, and programs/specific software contact your teacher.


See the SC Department of Education's COVID-19 webpage: https://ed.sc.gov/newsroom/covid-19-coronavirus-and-south-carolina-schools/