Parent Notification Letter - Non Certified Teacher

This letter should be sent to parents if there is a non-certified teacher teaching a class of students for 20 days or more. 

A copy of the letter along with the class roster from PowerSchool should be submitted to OFSP. See the link below.

Parent Notification of Teacher's Non-Highly Qualified Status

In addition to the information that parents may request, a school that receives Title I funds must provide each individual parent a timely notice that the parent's child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified.

The notice and information provided to parents must be in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language that the parents can understand. This applies to all teachers teaching core academic subjects in a Title I school, regardless if the school has a school wide or targeted assistance program.

Right to Know Substitute letter.doc, 44 KB; (Last Modified on September 1, 2020)