Mill Creek Success Chart

Mill Creek Elementary


LEAP Success Chart:  A Classroom Behavior System


“Leaping to Success!”


Here at Mill Creek, our students are challenged each year to LEAP toward success.  This system will allow students to gain positive and negative consequences for their choices and behaviors.  Classroom behaviors will be monitored with a color chart, in which students will move personal clothes pins when making exceptionally good choices (move up) or when needing redirection from the teacher (move down).  Every student begins each day on green.  The value of each color is described below:










Outstanding Day


Student exceeds expectation and demonstrates all LEAP traits.

(small incentive- daily or weekly).

Good Day


Student represented at least 3 LEAP traits (small incentive- daily or weekly).

Ready to Learn


Normal expectation; no behavior problems (verbal praise)

Think About It

Warning (Verbal or written)

Parent Contact

Parents are contacted and this communication is documented in the Parent teacher Communication Log Book. (A discipline referral might also be completed)


The LEAP Success Chart system is designed to teach students to make positive choices and redirect negative behaviors.  Parents will be notified daily of student behaviors through classroom notes, agenda books, behavior folders, etc.  Please discuss with your child daily the LEAP expectations for student behaviors.  We believe all students can raise their LEAP to success every day!