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Small Spaces

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Ollie bikes to her favorite swimming hole after school. She assumes she'll be all alone in the chill of October, but she finds a woman there crying, ready to throw a book into the river. Ollie snatches it from her, appalled at the thought of ruining a book, and gets a warning from the crying woman: Stay away from open spaces at night. She bikes home to read the discarded book and discovers it's a diary written in 1885 by a woman on a farm. She falls asleep reading about two brothers who went missing and a curse. The next day she's headed to a farm on a field trip with her sixth grade class. To her great surprise, the head of the farm is none other than the crying woman from the swimming hole. And the names etched on headstones of the private cemetery look very familiar: two brothers and their family. Just when Ollie's good and ready to escape this bizarre farm on her school bus, it breaks down. In a very open space. With night fast approaching.