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Thirty Students Awarded Thirty-three Medals


In the photo (not all medal winners were available for the first photo):

2nd row from left to right:

Gabrielle Williams, Alexis Jimenez-Montero, Kendal Gipson, Sophia Dozier, Mariela Penso, Liam Barr, Eli Roth, Gabriel Struhar, Oliver Phillips, Jiale Liu, Mauricio Aguilar-Rivera

1st row from left to right:

Lucinda Pringle, Sienna Buck, Emily Byrd, Ariyanna Hughes, Naja Weinkle, Diego Thrasher, Dorothy Weaver, Rylin Hubbard, Alexandria Kolomoets


In the second photo from left to right: Syncere Blake, Ruby Merland, Abigail Boyes, N'Diyah Miller


Seal of Biliteracy Winners