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Nineteen Latin Students Receive National Awards


(Pictured are most (but not all!) of our successful Latin students)

From magistra Dr. Nicoleta Hodis:

In March, Dreher’s Latin students participated in the National Latin Exam, an academic competition sponsored by the American Classical League and National Junior Classical League. They were joined by more than 100,000 students from the U.S. as well as foreign countries such as Australia, China, Japan, Canada, Russia and Spain. 

Dreher’s Latin students received the following awards:

Gold Summa Cum Laude 

  • Dominic Empleo, 9th Grade, Latin III H
  • Olivia Mikes, 10th Grade, Latin IV H

Silver Maxima Cum Laude 

  • Leila Pregnall, 10th Grade, Latin II
  • Eloise Ogden, 9th Grade, Latin I
  • Wanyue (Christina) Deng, 9th Grade, Latin III H
  • Alex Kolomoets, 11th Grade, Latin III H
  • Jiale (Caleb) Liu, 11th Grade, Latin IV H

Magna Cum Laude 

  • Sky Gilliam, 9th Grade, Latin I
  • Jessica Hedley, 9th Grade, Latin II
  •  Kajeanna Presley, 10th Grade, Latin II
  • Jaxin Black, 10th Grade, Latin II
  • Courtney Jolly, 10th Grade, Latin IV H

Cum Laude

  • Paul Jenkinson, 10th Grade, Latin IV H
  • Alexander Greytak, 10th Grade, Latin IV H
  • Micah Doberne-Schor, 10th Grade, Latin IV H
  • Addison Cowling, 10th Grade, Latin III H
  • Tyler Mack, 11 Grade, Latin III H 
  • Gaby Williams, 12th Grade, Latin IV H
  • Ella McLean, 12th Grade, Latin IV H