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Sixteen Students of German Awarded for Their Excellence

Sixteen students of proud German teacher Frau Serena King received recognition for their excellent achievement on the National German Exam.

The National German Exam is sponsored through the American Association of Teachers of German, and it rewards students through an extensive prize program and provides a means of comparing students in all regions of the US. 

There are four levels of awards: Gold (90th percentile), Silver (80th percentile), Bronze (70th percentile), and Achievement (50th - 60th percentile).
Our students placed as follows:
Rhyan Horton, Level 1 (Gold)
Skyla Heyden, Level 1 (Gold)
Sophia Francis, Level 2 (Gold)
 Oliver Phillips, Level 3 (Gold)
Kai Hagen, Level 2 (Silver)
Abigail Boyes, Level 3 (Silver)
Peyton Mooney, Level 2 (Bronze)
Merryn Courie, Level 3 (Bronze)
 Lydea Broughton, Level 1 (Achievement)
Oliver Hill, Level 1 (Achievement)
Nova Wilmot, Level 1 (Achievement)
Spire Wilson, Level 1 (Achievement)
Bergen Winchester, Level 1 (Achievement)
Aydle Gibson, Level 2 (Achievement)
Mikki Harris, Level 2 (Achievement)
Carla Holt, Level 2 (Achievement)
Our Gold recipients are eligible to apply for a scholarship to study abroad for three weeks in Germany this summer. 
Pictured in the photo below are several of the Level 2 and Level 3 winners (left to right): Mikki Harris, Aydle Gibson, Peyton Mooney, Abigail Boyes, Merryn Courie, Oliver Phillips, and Kai Hagen.
Not pictured, but still honored are Sophia Francis and Carla Holt.
Pictured in the second photo are several of the Level 1 winners (left to right): Nova Wilmot, Lydea Broughton, Spire Wilson, and Rhyan Horton. Not pictured, but still awarded are Skyla Heyden, Oliver Hill, and Bergen Winchester.