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Our Students Excel in Statewide Tests

Dreher Students Excel in Statewide Tests

Dreher students scored higher than their peers across the State of South Carolina in the End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) and Career Readiness (R2W) assessments taken last spring.  Congratulations to our students and teachers who worked so hard to achieve results on the myriad of standardized tests given to our students.



 End of Course Examination Progran (EOCEP)


There were four End-of-Course exams given last spring:  Algebra I, English I, Biology I and US History and Constitution.  Students' scores on the EOCEP exam count for 20% of their final grade in these four "gateway courses."  


Although many students currently at Dreher took Algebra I at Hand (118 in 2018), there remained 173 first-time Algebra I students at Dreher last spring.  The mean scale score of these test-takers was 67.4.  The statewide average was 68.4.  Some students (77) took English I at Hand, but there were still 265 English I students who were tested at Dreher last spring.  The mean scale score for Dreher students was 80.6, versus 74.4 statewide.


Of the 265 Dreher students who took the Biology I EOC last spring, the mean scale score was 76.3, compared to 69.5 for students across the state.  Nearly all juniors (260) took the US History and Constitution EOC last spring.  Of these Dreher test-takers,  the mean scale score was 76.7, compared to 69.9 for juniors across the state.


Link to the SC Department of Education EOCEP results



Ready to Work (R2W)


Among the battery of tests our students undergo each year is the Ready to Work (R2W) career readiness assessment.  According to the State Department of Education, the "R2W provides a customized credential that shows a student's ability to perform complex tasks and their qualifications for a broad range of jobs."  Statewide, 83.4 % of juniors received a certificate of performance.  Of the 270 juniors at Dreher who took the 2018 R2W, 87.8% received such certification. 

Bronze certificates were awarded to 16.3% of test takers; silver to 57.4%; gold to 7%; and platinum to 7%.  



The SC Department of Education website is the repository of the results:  

2018 Ready to Work Tests Results for Dreher