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Nicholas Smith Scores 100 on Each EOC

Congratulations to Nicholas Smith, class of 2022.


 During a one week period, May 13-20, 2019, Nicholas, a freshman, sat for four mornings taking three State-mandated End-of-Course exams in English I (writing on the first day and reading on the third day), Biology I, and Algebra I.  Not unusual, of course, since many freshmen throughout the state did the same.  However,  what is remarkable about Nicholas is that he scored 100 on each of the exams he took during that one week period!


Nicholas Smith and Mother

Nicholas is the son of Richard and Saundra Smith.  Mrs. Smith was in attendace for the Freshman Awards Ceremony when Nicholas's accomplishment was acknowledged.  


Overall scores on the End-of-Course exams for Dreher students will be tabulated later this summer.  So far, forty-five students have scored a 100 on at least one exam.  Over 1950 EOC exams were given at Dreher this May.