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All-State and All-Region Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra

The Dreher Band students auditioned for the All-State Orchestra (Wind Players), All-State Band, All-State Jazz Band, and Region Band.


Results confirm just how talented are our students.  Band students are taught by Band Director Dr. Chris Lee.  Our guitarist is a student of Ben Broughton. We are so proud of their leadership and the accomplishments of their students. 


All-State Senior Orchestra
Luke Smoak - 1st chair trumpet
All-State Senior Band  
Luke Smoak - 1st chair trumpet
Timothy Smith - 5th chair horn
All-State Clinic Band
Julia Benitez-Nelson - 12th chair flute
Bryson Stakely - 2nd chair alto sax
Istvan Balazs -8th chair trombone
All-State Jazz
Luke Smoak - split lead trumpet
Quinlan Dandridge - 1st guitar 
Derreck Webber - aux percussion (3rd chair drum set)
Region Senior Band
Kayla Clark -8th chair flute
Matthew Lacoste- 12th chair flute
Hannah Gross -4th chair oboe
Connor Wronski- alternate 1 trumpet
Lee O'Neal - alternate 2 trumpet
Alex Vidal - alternate 8 trumpet
Jackson Ellenberg - alternate 4 horn
Kristian Patterson - 5th chair trombone
Derreck Webber - 2nd chair percussion
Quinlan Dandridge - Alternate 3 percussion
Region Clinic Band
Sophie MacRae - 1st chair oboe
Melody Driggers - 24th chair clarinet
Mary Smith -alternate 2 clarinet
Michael Lenski - Alternate 1 Bass Clarinet
Daniela Manzano - 2nd chair alto sax
Gabriella Cruz -2nd chair trumpet
Eve Adams - 4th chair trumpet
Walker Rosier - 4th chair horn
William Barr - Alternate 2 Euphonium
Daniel Lacoste - 6th chair percussion