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End of Course Examination Schedule

Attention Raiders,


Friday, May 14 - Biology (Mr. Bells's students)
Monday, May 17 - Biology (Mr. Bell & Mr. Clark's students) 
Tuesday & Wednesday, May 18 - May 19 ELA Writing & Reading (Ms. Brennan's students)
Thursday & Friday, May 20 - May 21 ELA Writing & Reading (Mr. Milligan's students)
Monday & Tuesday, May 24 - May 25 ELA Writing & Reading (Mrs. Alston-Smith's students) 
Wednesday, May 26 -Algebra (Mrs. Garner's students)
Thursday, May 27- Algebra (Mrs. Yonting's students)
Friday, May 28 -Algebra (Ms. Blue & Mrs. Young's students) 
Tuesday, June 1- US History (Ms. Greene's students)
Wednesday, June 2 -US History (Mr. Rivera's students) 
Thursday, June 3 -Biology & ELA Make up day
Friday June 4 - US History & Algebra Make up day
Please note: COVID-19 protocols will be followed to include distanced desks, required masks and hand & desk sanitizing. Students should not report to school if they are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick. Testing will begin at 8:00 AM each day. Students should bring a charged laptop to school for each testing day. Virtual students may leave campus immediately after testing. EOCEP is a state mandated exam.