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Sports Medicine Teacher Vacancy



Teacher candidates must:

  1. Possess a minimum of an associate’s degree as a healthcare professional related to health science from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or approved by the State Board of Education (a diploma graduate of nursing would qualify);
  2. Maintain an active nationally recognized healthcare professions license, certificate, or registration. This must include at least two years of formal education requirements to prepare the healthcare professional; and
  3. Document minimum employment in a healthcare setting as a licensed, certified, or registered healthcare professional.
  4. Possess and maintain a current BLS CPR certification.


Minimum employment in a healthcare setting is six (6) months for a Bachelor’s degree or higher candidate.


Minimum employment in a healthcare setting is two (2) years for an Associate degree candidate.


Examples of healthcare professions that are related to sports medicine include athletic trainer, physical therapist, exercise physiologist, exercise specialist, etc.


For additional details, visit the following link:


Interested candidates should contact Heyward Career and Technology Center; Dr. Sherry Rivers, Principal; 803-735-3343 or