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"FutureReadyCTE" by Dr. Sherry Rivers, Principal

Each day provides an awesome opportunity to serve students from across the district, and we do not take this task for granted. Our students are #1, and we truly believe that when students learn technical knowledge and skills at Heyward Career and Technology Center, they will be ready for a bright future! We are proud to offer numerous programs that prepare students for post-secondary education and/or careers in Engineering and Industrial Technology; Health and Human Services; and Media and Information Systems. We offer programs for 9th-12th graders as well as a transition program for students who are 18-21 years old. 

Through these offerings, the staff at Heyward provides instruction and activities that assist students with career skills such as teamwork, leadership, professionalism, and communication. Many of the students who complete our programs receive industry certifications and continue their endeavors in college and/or the workplace.

We are very proud of our rich tradition of excellence and invite you to visit our campus to share our experience!

Dr. Sherry Rivers, Principal