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Candace Jacobs is Dreher's "Classified Employee of the Year"

Candace Jacobs  



Dreher’s newest Classified Employee of the Year, nominated by her peers, is Candace Jacobs.  Ms. Jacobs has been a faithful employee of Dreher for twelve years.  For the past eight, she has served as an instructional assistant in a self-contained classroom of students with moderate intellectual disabilities.  Her lead teacher, Rebecca Smith-Hill, says of Ms. Jacobs:  “(she) is like my right hand in my classroom.  She does anything I ask of her, cheerfully, and she has incredible rapport with our students.” 


At any given time of day, a visitor to Dreher likely would see Ms. Jacobs accompanying her students around the building.  She brings them to general education and PE classes, the cafeteria, the Media Center, the nurse’s room and the bus stop.  That same visitor likely would overhear Ms. Jacobs conversing with her charges.  She speaks to them with kindness, respect, and enthusiasm.  She transforms their trips around the school into opportunities to explain, direct, and teach.  For example, she helps students care for the flowers and plants in the main office and lobby.  Our receptionist, Carol Sharpe, observes this interaction between Ms. Jacobs and her students and remarks, “I have watched her with the students as they make their way around the building and have been how loving she is, as well as patient, in guiding them.”


Ms. Jacobs truly lives her motto, “People will forget what you said and what you did, but never forget how you made them feel.”  Ms. Jacobs says of her co-workers and students, “My goal each day…is to leave them feeling important, appreciated and most importantly supported.” 


In addition to devoting her time and talents to her students, Ms. Jacobs also manages two businesses “in her spare time” and recently earned her real estate license.


Congratulations to Dreher’s deserving “Classified Employee of the Year,” Candace Jacobs.