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The Courtyard Fountain is Refreshed

Message from our proud and grateful Key Club Advisor, Lindsey Hiller, on April 17, 2024:

"It's a good afternoon! 
The Key Club Environment Committee--led by Charlotte Peavy, Aza Nyberg, and Gabe Greenwood--set their sights on fixing up the fountain this year, and we did it today. The Dreher Foundation provided us the money for the plants, rocks, and soil. And, of course, Mr. Rhett was involved and cleaned out the biohazardous sludge for us--even though I told him we could do it before we started planting today.
Chris Walker, owner of Green Solutions Landscaping, helped us immensely. We could not have done this project physically or financially without his help. I highly recommend contacting him for any landscaping needs (info below).
I attached a before photo and the after photos. 
Green Solutions (803) 465-5831 ."