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Orchestra Students are SUPERIOR!

Great News from Nathan Tucker:

Many students have been working very hard and have achieved superior status in the 2020 SC Music Educators Association Orchestra Division Solo and Ensemble Virtual Festival.

Dreher Orchestra members were one of three schools in the state to receive more than 25 Superior (the highest) ratings, and we received SUBSTANTIALLY more “Ones” (Superior) than any school under 1700 students in size. Please congratulate our Orchestra stars! 

Catherine Akhvlediani – Superior PLUS! PERFECT SCORE

Ryan Borkowski – Superior PLUS! PERFECT SCORE

Daniela Manzano Hernandez – Superior PLUS!

Samuel Schatz – Superior PLUS!

Ada Shavo – Superior PLUS!

Eleanor Wachtel – Superior PLUS!

Catie Willm, Eleanor Wachtel, Blake Craig, Catherine Akhvlediani – Superior PLUS!

Amelie Galimba - Superior

Julia Gonzales del Valle - Superior

Daniela Manzano Hernandez (2nd Solo) - Superior

Daniel Rose – Superior

Diego Thrasher – Superior

Adam Adler & Ryan Borkowski – Superior

Ada Shavo & Eleanor Wachtel – Superior

Adam Adler – Superior

Tyra Helper – Superior

Makayla Chisholm – Superior

Daniela Manzano Hernandez & Katherine Tam – Superior

Samuel Schatz & Diego Thrasher – Superior

Blake Craig – Superior

Jumori Dingle – Superior

Emily Boyd – Superior

Joshua Smith – Superior

Warren Grandmason – Superior

Bethany Scriven – Superior

Jane Semmelmeyer – Superior

Emily Boyd & Jane Semmelmeyer – Superior

Katherine Tam – Excellent

Giovanni Guido & Daniel Rose - Excellent

Other students also participated to receive professional feedback:

John Armstrong – Comments Only

Tyler Glymph – Comments Only

Andrew Smith – Comments Only

Destiny Thomas – Comments Only

John Armstrong, Makayla Chisholm, Joshua Smith – Comments Only

Amelie Galimba & Tyra Helper – Comments Only