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Sophomore Gayle Boyd Places First in Central Region Youth Art Month Show

We need all of the good news we can get right now.  Here's some good news reported by Art teacher Katie Pfrommer:


"I’m so proud to share that tenth grade Art 3 Honors student, Gayle Boyd, won first place in the Central Region Youth Art Month Show.  The show is currently on exhibit at EdVenture, but unfortunately the remainder of the show, as well as the awards reception has been cancelled due our current circumstances.


Gayle Boyd Here is little bit of background information behind Gayle’s piece.  The enduring idea was for students to create an “Influential Portrait” of someone that has made an impact on his/her life using their own choice of media.  Gayle created an impressionistic painting of her grandmother (and namesake) at the Acropolis many years ago using an old, faded family photo her only reference.  This was the first painting Gayle had done in this style, so it was a big risk that definitely paid off nicely.  The juror also made the following note: “would really encourage this student to have this professionally framed – great composition, color and execution.”


If see Gayle, be sure to give her a virtual high five or elbow bump."