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Resources for Dreher Parents

News from Debra Kinder
Dreher Community Liaison
The Foundation has canceled the annual Bar-B-Que fundraiser scheduled for Friday, March 27.  If it becomes possible we reschedule prior to the end of the year.
The meetings of parent and community groups - School Improvement Council, PTO, and Foundation - will be rescheduled once we return to school.  Members will be notified by email.
The prom has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 2, at Seawell's from 7:30-11:30 PM.  Please direct questions regarding the prom to Debra Kinder at
Please feel free to contact Mrs. Kinder by email or by phone (803-917-1147) with any questions and concerns.  
Internt Access Options for Those Currently without Service
If you do not have internet access at home, check out the list of internet providers (as reported by WLTX) offering service to facilitate eLearning:
For families with limited access to high-speed internet or broadband services, Richland Library's WiFi will remain on and does extend to areas outside of 12 of the 13 library locations with the exception of Richland Library Sandhills.
If you need assistance with accessing the internet please contact Rachel Arroyo, our Social Worker.  She has a  list of resources if needed. She can be reached via email ( by District Cell Phone (803-608-2947)
B-Linda Rogers, Parent and Family Engagement Specialist:
Should any Dreher parents want to reach out to me while we are out of school, please feel free.
B-Linda Rogers, Parent and Family Engagement Specialist
District Cell:  803.908.9565
Meal Distribution Issues: 
Parents, please contact the school, 253-7000, if you have children who are not able to get to the Richland One meal sites due to your work schedule or transportation issues. The following information is needed: Student Name, Address, and Bus Number.
Emails for Dreher Faculty and Staff 

Students and parents, you may have need to contact teachers using email during this time away from school. Please note that you can find the proper email address of faculty and staff using the searchable database on our website.