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Greetings Falcon Families!


We are happy to share some news with you about some changes in how we communicate with the Flora community. First, in the past, we have sent out a weekly newsletter to the Flora community called eFormation. This weekly update was sent to anyone who subscribed and was separate from our School Messenger emails (like this one) that periodically come directly from the school. eFormation included updates, events, and general information that pertained to the broader Flora community. We temporarily suspended weekly use of eFormation throughout the spring and fall in order streamline and simplify the large and ever-evolving communication coming from the school during these unique times. However, now that we are turning the corner into 2021, we are happy to announce that we are going to resume our weekly newsletter--only it will be in a new and improved format! Here is what you will want to know:


1) Moving forward, eFormation will now be called Flora Update. We believe the name change reflects the purpose and format adjustments (read on for more info on this) that we are making to this method of communication.


2) Flora Update will take on a more blog-like format and have it's own stand alone web site which you can now view anytime at When new information is added, it will appear as a post that will include links, pictures, contacts, or any other pertinent information. You will notice that we have already added posts with information about PSAT, IGP's, and a few other items. In addition, the posts on Flora Update are searchable on the site itself. So, for example, if you are looking for information about the PSAT, all you would need to do is enter "PSAT" in the Search bar and the relevant post(s) will appear. We feel that this will make the finding of specific information easier than it was in the previous eFormation format. The new Flora Update format will also make it easier for us (and you!) to share specific information via social media (and other outlets) in order to better communicate with the entire Flora community.


3) Do not fear! We will still be sending a weekly email via Flora Update--and it is simple for you to opt-in! This is easy to do at and you can add any email address that you prefer. Parents, students, family members, and any member of the greater Flora community can subscribe by adding their email address at the link at the bottom of the page at This weekly email will be delivered directly to your inbox (you may want to check your junk mail initially) just like eFormation, and it will contain highlights of all posts for the week (and links to the posts themselves) for more information. This will give you access to the most up-to-date information without all the excess text that sometimes made it difficult to search for and find specific information on eFormation. And remember, you can visit anytime during the week to get the latest posts, information, and updates.


4) IMPORTANT: We are unable to import email addresses from eFormation into Flora Update, so everyone will need to subscribe to Flora Update if they wish to receive the weekly emails. This will also allow us to have the most up-to-date email addresses for those who wish to subscribe.


5) It is important to note that we will still use the School Messenger system in order to communicate with parents (again, this is the system that sent this email). Your email and phone number will need to be up-to-date in order to receive School Messenger communications (if you are getting this email, then they likely are). We encourage you to update them if someone in your house is not receiving these emails and phone calls (an email to is all it takes!). It is also important to not confuse Flora Update with School Messenger. They are two separate systems, and updating your email address in one does not mean it will be updated/saved in the other. This is not a change from eFormation FYI. In addition, please know that we will still regularly post information on our web site at


6) Flora Update is made possible by our fabulous PTSO. Flora is known throughout the midlands for having robust and active parent support for our students and school. We know this is a blessing, we thank the PTSO for their involvement, and we encourage all parents to join and participate in the AC Flora PTSO. We would also like to thank the many PTSO business partners who are committed to supporting AC Flora. They are highlighted on Flora Update and we are blessed to have their support--which helps ALL students at Flora.


We know this change in communication will take some time for everyone to get used to. We also appreciate your understanding that this will be an adjustment on our end as well. We look forward to Flora Update becoming a rich source of information and evolving throughout this spring as we receive feedback and make any necessary adjustments. In the meantime, if you ever have trouble finding information or locating something on our web site, social media, or on Flora Update, please don't hesitate to contact us the old fashioned way: with a phone call. We are happy to help you anytime!


Once again, we hope this change will help us more effectively communicate and interact with our Flora community, and we look forward to you joining us!


Thanks and Go Falcons!