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Distribution Day Info - Wednesday, September 9th


We will be holding a school-wide Distribution Day for new freshmen laptops, textbooks, novels, instruments, calculators, and more on Wednesday, September 9th. Teachers are/have been communicating with their individual classes about which items they will need to come pick up (if any) next Wednesday. Please note that many students will not need to come next Wednesday unless they are a freshman and/or in a class that has school-issued materials to distribute. How will you know if you need to come? If you are a freshman and/or if your teacher tells you that there are items you need to get! 


To be clear, all freshmen will need to come to the school to next Wednesday to switch out their current laptop for a brand new one. Please save any information you have on your current laptop to another device or to your student OneDrive account in order to avoid losing any data you may need. In addition, we ask that you remember to bring your current laptop and charger with you when you come. We cannot issue you a new laptop until we receive the old one back, and your old charger will not work with your new laptop!


The Distribution Day Schedule is listed below and is based on student last name. We ask that you come at your posted time if at all possible for health and safety reasons. If you are unable to come during the work day, please note that we have a time listed for you in the late afternoon/early evening. Students should report to the Library in the back of the school. This is the same place you came to pick up your laptop. You should enter campus via Brentwood Drive, you may park in the back lot, and we can only allow one student or parent in at a time. In addition, we know that these times are during our scheduled "Intervention Day," and teachers are prepared to be understanding during the times that students will be on campus to pick up these items. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to get you these items as quickly as possible.



9:00 - Last Names A-C

10:30 - Last Names D-I

12:30 - Last Names J-O

2:00 - Last Names P-S

3:30 - Last Names T-Z

4:30 - 6:00 - Anyone who was unable to come earlier in the day