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Information for Parents & Students (8/28/20)

Greetings Falcon Families!

We hope that this message finds you well as we go into the last weekend before school starts! As we prepare for Monday, we wanted to send home some additional info and tips for the first day and beyond.

FIRST DAY/WEEK: First, to be sure, the first day of school is this Monday, August 31st! In terms of your student's daily routine and schedule, we will be following our Daily eLearning Schedule and your student will be meeting with each class via Teams. We ask that all students start up their laptop and log in to Teams as soon as possible this weekend, and certainly well before Monday morning. Students should be checking to see that they are in the Teams that correspond to their first semester classes. If, for some reason, you find that you are not in a Team for a particular class that you are taking, email that teacher directly and they will add you. No problem at all!

LOGGING ON TO TEAMS: With regards to logging on to Teams for Day 1, please click here to watch an instructional video from our very own Mr. Fieldhouse on how to do so. The video is also attached to this email for your convenience. Again, we ask that you get your laptop booted up this weekend, email your teacher if you are not in their Team, and plan on signing on before 9:00 am on Monday morning so that you are prepared and ready to go when the “bell” rings. If you need information about how to navigate Teams, joining a class, or other general technology issues, please visit our Technology Tab on our school web page. You will find a wealth of resources there that can help you for the first day of school and for the entire year.

eLEARNING GUIDE: Click here to read our eLearning Guide for Students. All students and parents should read this document closely! It has very important information about eLearning/virtual etiquette, expectations, grading, attendance, communication, make-up work, and more. This information will also be reviewed by teachers in class during the first week of school.

COMMUNICATION: Communication will obviously be key in this new year. The main method of communication will be via email, and we encourage you to check and use it often. As a general rule of thumb, students and parents should expect a response to an email within 24 hours (during the work week) of sending your initial email. Also please remember that teachers have other responsibilities during the day, at night, and on the weekends, and may not always be able to respond immediately. In addition, we continue to update our school web site often with valuable information about this year, and we encourage you to check it often. Our teachers and staff are working hard to make the adjustment to eLearning, and we are grateful for their efforts and dedication to your student! Our goal, as always, is to maintain a high level of communication and partnership with you throughout the year.

WEDNESDAYS: We know some folks have questions about what exactly will happen on Wednesdays during eLearning. Even though Wednesday is designated as an "Intervention Day," teaching and learning will still occur. This will vary depending on your course, teacher, and class period.

  • For College Prep and Honors classes, Wednesdays will be a day to re-group and catch up. Your class may consist of completing an assignment or quiz, receiving extra help, small group tutoring, and/or conferencing with your teacher. Make sure your assignment or task is completed to earn your attendance credit for each Wednesday. 
  • For AP and IB courses, you will need to pay particular attention to each of your teachers' routines for Wednesdays. Some Wednesdays may be live class sessions, while other Wednesdays may be comprised of tasks, assessments, and/or AP/IB Exam practice.  Wednesdays for AP/IB students follow the A/B rotation schedule. Remember to complete your work on Wednesdays to earn your attendance credit.

A/B-DAY SCHEDULE: For courses operating on an A/B schedule, next week will run as follows:

Monday, August 31st: A-Day

Tuesday, September 1st: B-Day

Wednesday, September 2nd: A-Day

Thursday, September 3rd: B-Day

Friday, September 4th: A-Day

We will publish the A/B-Day Schedule for the entire year shortly, and we will be sure to communicate it with you, and post it on our web site. And please note that this is ONLY for classes that will run all year. To clarify, your first semester 4x4 classes will run every day, and the A/B schedule does NOT apply to them. We anticipate that there will be an initial period of adjustment as well get used to this new schedule and environment, but we will make the adjustment together!

Thanks and Go Falcons!