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Information for Parents & Students (8/23/20)

Greetings Falcon Families!

This message contains a large amount of information about your child’s schedule and the opening of school. We know this is a lot to digest at once, but we also want you to know that we are here to help you and your student as we navigate these new waters together. We will be communicating a lot of information this week as we get ready for the start of school on the 31st, and we are here to help!

First, we expected Parent Portal to update on Friday so that you could view your student’s schedule, but you may have noticed this weekend that there have been some technical issues in doing so. We are working with the district to make sure you can view your schedule ASAP. FYI, we have gotten reports that some schedules are currently viewable and some are not. This is an issue involving multiple schools/users, and is actively being addressed. Again, this may or may not currently be an issue for you and your Flora student, and it is being resolved as we speak.

Regardless, when student schedules are viewable, you may access Parent Portal by clicking here. Please note that this is the updated link for this school year, and it can also be found on the district's home page. If you have the link from previous years saved or bookmarked, please be sure to update it with the new one. If you are using the PowerSchool Parent Portal App on your smartphone, you may need to log out and log back in to see the most current information. Again, if after doing these things, you still cannot see your child’s schedule, this will likely be due to the technical issue we are working with the district to fix ASAP. Once this issue has been confirmed to be resolved for everyone, we will make sure to let you know. We apologize for the wait, and we know you want to see your student’s schedules! If you (now or ever) have username or password issues when logging in to Parent Portal, please contact our student data coordinator Abbi Dew, and she will be happy to help you.

Fortunately, we also mailed a hard copy of your current schedule to all students on Friday, and it should be arriving at your home in the coming days, if it is not already there. Please note that if any schedule changes are made, the hard copy schedule you will receive in the mail will only be current as of the time of mailing (Friday). The most updated and accurate schedule is, and will always be, the one you will find by logging in to Parent Portal.

With regards to your student’s schedule, there are a few items to note. First, since we have some classes running on a 4x4 schedule and some on an A/B schedule, we want to make sure you know how to read and interpret your student’s schedule. Directions on how to do so are attached to this email. These directions are especially important for all new-to-Flora families who may not be entirely familiar with how schedules are listed in Parent Portal and/or on paper.

Next, we know some students may wish to request a schedule change. You may do this by filling out and returning via email the AC Flora Schedule Change Request Form attached to this email, but please note that we are only able to make changes for major errors or omissions. An example of this would be a senior’s schedule that does not include a class required for graduation (i.e. English, Math, etc.). This particular issue would need to be fixed ASAP and would almost certainly involve a change in the schedule. However, if, for example, a student wishes to switch periods or teachers, we are unable to accommodate that request at this time. All schedule change parameters are listed on the attached form. If you wish to request a change in your schedule, please fill out the form and email it to your child’s counselor.

If you have any other general questions about your schedule, the person to talk to is your child’s school counselor. Their contact information is as follows, listed alphabetically by student last names:

(Grades 9-12, Last Names A-C)
Vierean Bartley

(Grades 9-12, Last Names D-I)
James Major

(Grades 9-12, Last Names J-O)
Anna Coward

(Grades 9-12, Last Names P-S)
Shayla Broadnax

Director of Counseling
(Grades 9-12, Last Names T-Z, 11th & 12th Grade IB Students)
Moira Porter

With all the changes that have had to be made to the Master Schedule this summer, we want to ensure that each of our students has what they need, and that you get your questions answered. Counselors will be in the building next week, but our entire staff will also be attending school and district professional development throughout the week. If you need to ask a question or set up a time to call, the best way to contact your counselor is via email. Thank you for allowing them the opportunity to get settled into the new school year while also taking care of your child’s schedule!

As noted above, a hard copy of your schedule has been sent home in the mail. Included in that mailing is a letter from our principal, Ms. Childs, along with a copy of how to read your schedule, and a copy of the AC Flora eLearning Daily Schedule. That letter and daily schedule are also attached to this email. The mailing includes information about what to do on the first day of school, what time to “report” to class each day, and other important items you and your student will want to know ahead of the first day of school on August 31st. This information is important for attendance and grading purposes, as well as for your planning purposes, as we begin the eLearning Phase of instruction. If you applied to the year-long Richland One Virtual School, more information will be coming this week regarding how that process will work for your Flora student.

Throughout the next week, we will be sending more specifics about how to log in to Teams, how to access district email, details about our eLearning daily schedule, student expectations during eLearning, communication information, technology tips, and more. We will also be regularly updating the Technology Tab on our web site with important information for parents and students. For now, please feel free to review the following resources as you prepare for the first day of school.

  • For a general idea of how to navigate Teams, please click here to view a quick video put together by the Richland One Office of Instructional Services.
  • To learn how to join a class in Teams (aka what your student will be doing beginning on August 31st), please click here for a quick tutorial about how to do that. This video was also produced by the Richland One Office of Instructional Services.
  • If you need a quick tutorial on your laptop, they have also produced this short video to help you get started.
  • A printable pdf guide to Microsoft Teams is attached to this email. It is directly from Microsoft and has helpful information for students and families.

Again, we will be sharing more information throughout the next week, but wanted to give you some of these tech tips now so you can be prepared.

Also, freshmen parents and students should be on the lookout in their emails and on social media throughout Freshmen Orientation Week, which starts tomorrow, Monday, August 24th! We have re-attached this info to this email as well. This is the same info that was previously emailed home last week FYI. To view a quick welcome video for the Class of 2024 from two of our great student leaders, please click here.

All of this information will be uploaded to our web site and you will have access to it there anytime. We are happy to take your questions at school as well. We encourage you and your student to take some time in the coming days to carefully review their schedule, the letter from Ms. Childs, the Daily eLearning Schedule, and the information include in this email. As this is new to all of us, we want to make sure that you have what you need to successfully adjust to this unique school year. Please be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to the start of school, and, as always, we appreciate your continued support, understanding, and partnership as we seek to provide your child with a positive school year!

Thanks and Go Falcons!