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School Closeout Info - 5/18/20



PDF version of this information


Greetings Falcon Families!


This message is to provide you with all the details you will need in order to be prepared for our upcoming Closeout process. We ask that read all of this information in order to be as prepared as possible. We know this is a lot of information and there will be many questions, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this unprecedented time together. It is very important that all school-issued items are returned in order to avoid issues, debts, or fines, and we also want to make sure you have all the items you need from us. A printable pdf copy of this email is also attached to this email for your convenience. In addition, this information will be placed on our school web site and be sent out via our eFormation school newsletter.



The schedule for drop off is attached to this email and can also be found on our school web site. We have spread this schedule out in order to maximize safety and to avoid long lines if at all possible. If you have more than one sibling at Flora, you may come at the same time and on whatever grade level/day is best for you to attend. Regardless, it is imperative that all Flora students return school–issued items in order to avoid debts, fines, or other issues. Some students may need to hold on to some select items beyond their scheduled dates in order to finish/complete any outstanding work. This is perfectly fine and we do not want this to cause you any stress or concern. In that case, the student would need to plan to come on the make-up day on June 4th to return any items that they were unable to return on their assigned date. All other students should plan to attend on their assigned time/date if at all possible. 


A map of all stations is attached to this email for your reference and information. This map is intended as a general guide and there may be slight adjustments upon your arrival. Please note that everyone needs to enter at the Senior Lot and will exit via the Bus Loop. Of course, not every student will need to stop at every station, but we want you to be aware of the general locations regardless. Please be mindful of traffic while you are on our campus and follow the directions of Flora Faculty members.


Since this is an unprecedented scenario, we expect that there will be some minor delays, issues, and questions. In order to minimize this, please arrive on time, prepare your items (as prescribed below) prior to your arrival, and be patient as you move through the line. We will be prepared to answer your questions, receive your items, and give you any items you need. We also know that, for safety and logistical reasons, not every issue will be resolved throughout these drop-off dates. Once we have completed this process, we will send out any additional updates as necessary. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this together, and we are working hard to take care of you and your families.



You will need to stay in your car the entire time you are on our campus for this process. The only exception to this will be for senior artwork (see details further below). Strict social distancing will be practiced. Please note that, for some items, we will ask that you label and/or bag them if at all possible. This is for our safety, as well as for the accountability of your items once we receive them. Also, please note that the speed limit on our campus is 5 mph and we encourage you to be alert and aware while you are moving through the line. Richland School District One, AC Flora High School, our administration, and faculty all place the safety of our students above all else. While this attention to safety may periodically slow or complicate the closeout process, we appreciate your understanding as we practice safety measures that will protect the Falcon Family.



We will have eight different stations and a brief description of each is below. Please read them carefully as they each have specific directions/information that will apply to those stopping at the station.


Station 1: PE/Athletics: Students will be able to return uniforms and athletic equipment that were issued by the school/team/coaches. Coaches have contacted their athletes directly about specific instructions for each team. Your athletic items should be bagged and clearly labeled with the student name and sport. Any questions about these items should be directed to the individual coach. For PE items that may have been left in lockers, we will have these items labeled by student for pickup. Unidentifiable items will be retained in Lost and Found at the school, and we will communicate a process for retrieving those at a later date.

Station 2: Fine Arts: For Seniors ONLY, you will be able, if you choose to do so, enter the building with a teacher to retrieve your artwork. In order to do so, you MUST be in a mask and wear gloves. We do have a limited number of masks and gloves, but we strongly encourage you to bring your own if you have them. For underclassmen art students, we will keep and store your artwork, and we will set up a process to return it if/once we return to school. Please stay tuned for more details on this. Band and Orchestra instruments (from students in all grade levels) will be collected/dropped off as well, but students will not enter the building to do so.

Station 3: Textbooks: Here, you will return all textbooks. In general, if your book has a barcode on it, it will be returned here. Other books will be retuned at the Library or Miscellaneous Items stations (see info below).

Station 4: Laptops/Library Items: You will return you laptop, charger, and any library books you still have at this station.

Station 5: Senior Items: You will be able to pick up your graduation items, if you have not already done so, your yard sign, honor cords, certificates, awards, IB stoles, NHS tassels and other senior-specific items.

Station 6: Miscellaneous Items: You will return any other school-issued items at this station. Examples would include calculators, class novels, or any other items that were issued to you by a teacher with the intent of having them returned at the end of the year. Individual teachers will contact their students about these items. Regardless, we request, if at all possible, that these items be bagged and labeled with the student’s name as well as the teacher who issued it.

Station 7: JROTC: This station is for JROTC cadets to return their uniform and other ROTC-specific items. LTC Gatson and CSM Thompson have sent information to their cadets about how to properly prepare and drop off their items. Please direct any JROTC-related questions to them.

Station 8: Medicine: If you have medicine on file with the school nurse, you may pick it up here. Please note that this station is in the front loop and separate from the overall route. This is to ensure privacy and safety when returning medicines.



In addition to the above information, we have compiled a list of Frequently-Asked Questions, along with answers, that will hopefully help you as you prepare for the closeout process.

How long will this take? Please know that our goal is to move you through all stations as quickly and safely as possible. Please remain in your car at all times. There can be minor delays as we work through individual issues safely.  At some stations, you may be able to move around/ahead of the car in front of you. We will give you directions on this at each station and we ask that you do not exceed a speed of 5 mph on our campus. We thank you for your patience!

What safety measures will be practiced? Safety is our number one priority. You are required to remain in your car the entire time, follow the directions of Flora Faculty and Staff, and practice strict social distancing at all times. At the Fine Arts station ONLY, seniors may, with approval from a faculty member, choose to enter the building to retrieve items that may still be in the building. If this is necessary, you will be required to have a faculty escort and wear a mask and gloves. If you choose not to enter the building, we may be able to retrieve certain items for you but, if not, we will make a note of your items and communicate further plans for retrieving them once we have them.

What can I turn in? Your laptop, charger, textbooks, athletic/ROTC uniforms, Fine Arts equipment/instruments, and any other school-issued items. Please note that some items will need to be labeled and bagged if at all possible (see details above).

What can I get? Your senior supplies, awards, athletic banners, medication, miscellaneous items, artwork, etc.

What if I don’t have everything with me on my scheduled day? Turn in/pick up what you can on your assigned date. You are also welcome to return on the make-up day on June 4th to return any items you may have kept for academic or other reasons. We will communicate plans/procedures after the end of school for anyone who has still has items that need to be picked up/dropped off.

What about Yearbooks? Yearbooks will be delivered to Flora in early June. When they arrive, we will communicate the plan for you to come pick up your yearbook.


All of this information will be placed on our web site soon and also communicated through eFormation. Thank you again for your continued flexibility, understanding, and patience as we work through these times together.


Thanks and Go Falcons!