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AC Flora Theatre Presents: Once In A Lifetime

Premiering May 21st
2 Recorded Performances
Starring 2 casts of 25 ACF Theatre students
Please email Mr. Goodrich if you would like the link to watch online


Even a pandemic can’t stop the arts. A.C. Flora High School’s Theatre Department will present Kaufman & Hart's classic screwball comedy, Once in a Lifetime, as a virtually recorded show on Zoom on May 21.


The show will feature three recorded performances: two shows with full casts of 25 theatre students and one partial show with a small cast of understudies. The recordings will be posted on YouTube and made public on May 21.  


Flora theatre teacher Charles Goodrich says students had been rehearsing the play on Zoom for weeks with the hope of presenting the show if they returned to school in May, but when schools were closed for the rest of the year, he presented them with the idea of recording their performances on Zoom and piecing the videos together to make a finished product.


“I think now, more than ever, it is important for students to still be able to express their creativity through theatre for many reasons,” said Goodrich. “First, it allows them to have an outlet to escape the confines of their quarantined homes and be able to step into another place and time period completely (the play is set in 1927 in Hollywood).  Second, all of these students are amazingly talented and it would be a shame to not allow them to continue to hone their theatrical strengths even while quarantined at home.”


In addition to the student-actors on camera, several students worked behind the scenes to figure out how the actors could substitute personal belongings and technology for 1920s props, costumes and sound effects. Mr. Goodrich is inviting everyone to enjoy the virtual premiere.