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Student Enrollment Requirements

(Please note, this is not for students living in the ACF zone and already attending ACF or who are Crayton 8th graders living in the ACF zone. 
Those students are already registered for next year.)



  • To be the birth parent or legal guardian and a PHOTO ID is REQUIRED.  Guardianship papers must be presented. 
    If legal papers cannot be presented, you must go to the District Registrar's office at 1310 Lyon Street (231-6944 phone) for a letter of permission to enroll the student.  If the father has custody of the child, the father will have to obtain educational rights over the student, and that can be done at 1310 Lyon Street, also.
  • 2 current proofs of residence (current rental agreement of lease or mortgage papers, and an electric/gas bill, cable bill, or water bill) proving you live in the ACF zone.  They must be in your name or your spouse's name (will need marriage license), or you have to complet the Shared Housing/Proof of Residence process.  (Forms/instructions are on this website. 
    Click Guidance Department, then look under Resources.)
  • Birth certificate for student, certified copy showing parents' names (no hospital copy)
  • Immunization card for student
  • Social security card for student (if available)
  • Latest report card for student & unofficial transcript
  • Transfer letter from the Registrar (if you have one)

Please call 738-7287 or 738-7278 if you have questions.