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Policy concerning marijuana, Cannabidiol (CBD), and prescription medication.

Richland One does not take lightly the privilege we have to work with your children on a daily basis as we engage, educate and empower them to achieve their potential and dreams. We also recognize your dedication to ensuring that a quality education is provided for them, which you entrust to us throughout the school year. Each child is important and deserves an equal opportunity to prosper and succeed.

As such, we want to remind you that the possession, transfer, sale or use of marijuana and Cannabidiol (also known as CBD), in any form, is illegal and strictly prohibited at district events and on district property. Additionally, the possession, transfer, sale or use of prescription medication is strictly prohibited without proper documentation from a licensed physician and a medication form on file at your child's school

The district reserves the right to conduct a search of all lockers and vehicles on school property in the event possession and/or usage is suspected. These searches can include the use of a school resource officer, other local law enforcement officers and/or K-9 units. In the event an illegal substance is found on a child or property during the search, your child will have committed a Level Ill offense as outlined in the Richland One Student Code of Conduct. Students found in violation will be referred to the Hearing Office and are subject to long-term suspension or expulsion from school. Furthermore, the appropriate law enforcement officials will be notified.

We thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation as we work to ensure the safety and security of all Richland One students and staff.


Craig Witherspoon, Ed.D.


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