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AC Flora Crisis Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians:


I regret to inform you that Amber Bettis, a 10th grader died as a result of a tragic incident on April 17, 2019. Many of the students knew Amber as a classmate, a member of the American Sign Language Club or from her involvement with the Dress for Success Club.


While Amber’s death is a shock to everyone, young people will react in different ways to the death of one of their peers. We expect that there will be a variety of emotions and responses to what has occurred. The most important thing we can do is to be supportive and encourage an open expression of feelings.


At the school, we have implemented a plan for responding to this tragic event focused on allowing students time to acknowledge Amber’s death, express their feelings about the loss and helping students with transitioning back to their classes.


Special counseling services were made available today and will continue to be assessable throughout the week to support students as they begin to cope with the death of their peer. The support team of school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers from the district are working with the school based support team to provide students additional support.

As an aid to you as you speak with your child we have included with this letter some helpful tips for talking with your child.


Information about the funeral services will be made available as soon as we have it. In the event that your child wishes to attend we strongly encourage that you accompany them to the services.


The AC Flora School Family is deeply saddened by this loss. Please join me in extending our heartfelt sympathy to Amber’s family. If you have any concerns or feel that your child needs additional supports. Again please, do not hesitate to contact the school counseling office at (803) .