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Senior Class Night & Senior Slideshow

Senior Class Night will Be May 23rd at 6pm in the AC Flora Theater. Ladies should wear white dress and males should dress casual. 


Senior Class Night Slideshow: SENIORS! You may submit up to 5 pictures to be included in the 2019 Senior Class Slide-Show. (Note: Submitting 5 photos does not necessarily mean that they will appear in the slide show). Please refrain from submitting duplicates or baby pictures. The pictures should only represent your high school experiences from 9-12th grade. There should be no photos with nudity, alcohol, or drug use/paraphernalia. The deadline to submit photos is: Friday April 26th. To submit your photos: 

  1. Use your email (R1 or Google) to send photos to
  2. Attach up to 5 pictures  - with each pictures, include the names of individuals in the photos from left to right
  3. You are done :)