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IMPORTANT: Tardy, ID, and Drop-Off Policies

Student Tardy Policy:

  • Please be reminded that all students should be seated in class by 8:00 am.
  • Make arrangements to ensure that your student is on campus well before 8:00 am so that they will be on time and not be counted tardy for class.
  • After the 8:00 bell rings, all students who are not in class should report to the attendance office to obtain a tardy pass.
  • On the 4th tardy, the student will be given a discipline referral and will receive detention.
  • If tardies continue, the discipline consequences will be escalated.

ID Policy:

  • All students are to wear an ID at all times while on the AC Flora campus.
  • IDs must be worn on a lanyard around the neck or on a clip on the upper body. Students may not keep IDs in book bags or other bags. IDs must be worn.
  • Any student who forgets an ID must obtain an orange sticker before the start of 1st period and must wear the sticker all day.
  • Orange stickers may be obtained in the front entrance, at the entrance by the bus loop, or at the entrance by the senior lot.
  • Students must have on the orange sticker or ID as they enter first period.
  • First period teachers will record the students who are wearing an ID sticker instead of an ID. Students will receive after school detention on the 4th orange sticker.
  • Any student not wearing an orange sticker or ID after first period will be issued a discipline referral and will receive detention.
  • If a student loses an ID, a new ID may be purchased in the media center. The cost of a new ID is $5.00.

Morning Student Drop-Off

  • Please pull all of the way forward when dropping students off in either loop.
  • Students may enter the campus through the following access points:
    • Front atrium
    • Entrance by the senior lot
    • Bus loop entrance
    • Entrance by the 400 building (open from 7:30 – 7:45 only)
  • Students MAY NOT open other exterior perimeter doors for anyone. Any student who opens an access door for another student or campus visitor will receive a discipline referral. The exterior perimeter doors are for increased school safety and should be treated as such.
  • Students must have on an ID before entering at any access point. Orange stickers are available for a student who does not have an ID.