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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Brothers Jacob and Jeremiah Spigner’s Books Help Students Find Their Voice

Jacob and Jeremiah SpignerJacob and Jeremiah Spigner have always enjoyed writing, whether it’s for fun or for a class assignment, but the brothers never thought they would be authors at young ages. When they saw their books were published, they couldn’t believe it. 


“I shed a little tear. To see your work for the first time, it’s something so surreal. I reminisce on that moment a lot because it’s a great moment in my life,” said Jeremiah, a seventh-grade student at W.G. Sanders Middle School and the co-author of “I Amplify My Voice.”


“Writing the book was fun but getting to see that it actually got published and that other people can see it too was so outstanding,” said Jacob, a fifth-grade student at A.J. Lewis Greenview Elementary School and the co-author of “I Choose My Voice.”


The books are part of the “My Voice is Powerful” book series, which were released in 2022. The book series encourages students to speak up and ensures them that their voice matters. All seven books were co-authored by students in the Voice Leadership Camp for boys and girls. Each book is tailored to the author’s interests and what they’ve seen in their schools.


Jeremiah says music helped inspire him because he says music and voice go hand in hand.


“There’s a lot of vocal training that goes into singing. Sometimes you need a little vocal help as a person. Sometimes you can feel invisible. Artists make their music to feel visible, to feel seen, heard and valued. You can do that with anything,” he said.


For Jacob, he says he saw classmates at his old school get bullied and that they weren’t standing up for themselves. He says he needed to say something about it.


“I wanted to write this book so I can encourage others so they would know that they have a voice. Other people don’t get to decide what you do with your life,” Jacob said.


The brothers read a portion of their books to students at Greenview on March 1. Jacob says reading to his classmates was an exciting experience.


“It was cool because I was able to project the book’s message to people that are in my everyday life. Every time I see them, they’ll probably remember that. That made an impact,” he said.


Jeremiah, who also attended Greenview, says coming back to his elementary school helped get his book’s message across to others.


“It was a good experience because I wanted to be able to do what this book’s purpose was for to get across that amplification is key and choosing your voice is important,” he said.


The brothers say they want young students who read their books to know that what they say is important.


“If they don’t feel like they have a say, they should feel that they do because you always have a say in whatever you’re involved in,” Jacob said.


To purchase Jacob and Jeremiah’s books, click here.