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RICHLAND ONE EMPLOYEE PROFILE: District Classified Employee of the Year Cheslyn Jackson Wants to Be the Person Everyone Can Count On

Cheslyn JacksonWhen Richland One employees and families have financial questions and they’re unsure with whom to speak about a matter, Cheslyn Jackson guides them in the right direction.


“I love when someone comes to me and they’re stressed out because they can’t figure something out,” she said. “I tell them ‘Okay, that’s not a problem. Let me see what I can do.’ Usually, it’s something that’s not that big of a deal on my end. I love the fact that I can relieve somebody’s stress.”


Jackson, the executive assistant in Richland One’s Office of Financial Services and the district’s 2023-2024 Classified Employee of the Year, loves to help people. She learned that through her previous experience in banking. Jackson graduated from Winthrop University in 2009 with a major in biology, but she took a job as a bank teller after college.


“I had always been surrounded by the financial industry because my parents were bankers,” Jackson said. “When I was working in banking, I loved assisting the loan officers and communicating with customers. I felt like I would excel in a position where I can assist someone with their day to day operations.”


After living in Rock Hill for 10 years, the Irmo native joined Richland One in 2016.


“I wanted to work for a school district because I have two children of my own and I wanted to be more involved in education,” Jackson said.


She says she relied on employees within and outside her department during her first year in Richland One, helping her get used to working for a school district.


“I came from a very different environment when I started. The employees here really helped me get on my feet,” she said. “I was asking other executive assistants for help and they were willing to help me.”


Richland One’s Office of Financial Services includes accounting, payroll, procurement services and budget services. Jackson’s job is to serve as the liaison between the chief financial officer and employees in Financial Services.


“I’m the main person who helps communicate the needs of our CFO and the needs of the employees in Financial Services,” she said. “I keep a good rapport with everyone. They’re very comfortable with me.”


One of the things Jackson’s co-workers in Financial Services rely on her for is making sure they’re in compliance with district policy.


“I’m very knowledgeable about the policies for our department and our district. I want to make sure my co-workers are following them,” she said.


Jackson says she never expected to win the award, but she says she’s excited to represent Financial Services as Richland One’s Classified Employee of the Year.


“I’m really happy to know that, as the Classified Employee of the Year, more people will get to see what my department does. I’m representing my whole team,” said Jackson. “Financial Services wants to help everyone, from our employees to our families. I want to show how hard we work to achieve that.”  

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