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RICHLAND ONE EMPLOYEE PROFILE: C.A. Johnson Math Teacher Dr. Mario Ramon Helps Students Learn to Love Math

Dr. Mario Ramon, a math teacher and C.A. Johnson's 2022-2023 Teacher of the YearParents have the ability to influence their children’s career paths. For Dr. Mario Ramon, a math teacher at C.A. Johnson High School, his parents were the ones who helped him fall in love with math. Every day, he passes his love for the subject on to his students.

“Most people are not thrilled about math,” said Dr. Ramon, who is C.A. Johnson’s 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year. “In my classes, I make sure kids are interested.”

Dr. Ramon grew up in the Philippines. His parents and brothers were carpenters. Through his family, he learned about angles and measurements.

“I learned how to make my own things and my own puzzles,” he said.

Dr. Ramon moved to the United States in 2012 and was the only member of his family to do so. He started his teaching career in the U.S. at Sumter High School and taught there for five years. He was allowed to work in the U.S. through the J-1 Teacher Exchange program.

One of the reasons Dr. Ramon decided to come to Richland One was because of the friendly atmosphere.

“Working alone is never good in education,” he said. “I work with a great team here at C.A. Johnson.”

Dr. Ramon has been teaching math at C.A. Johnson for six years. He has taught several different types of math courses, including AP statistics and algebra. This year, Dr. Ramon is teaching geometry to more than 30 students at the school. His students don’t use paper to draw lines or take quizzes; everything is done online. Dr. Ramon says this makes it easier for students to review their work. He also does review sessions using Kahoot, a game-based learning platform.

Dr. Ramon gives students many opportunities to receive help. He tutors students after school every Tuesday and Wednesday. He also sets aside five minutes in every class to go over any concepts with which his students are having trouble.

Dr. Ramon says the fun part about being a teacher is when his students understand the lessons they’re learning.

“You get the best of them as they learn from you. That’s the reason we’re teachers,” he said.

Dr. Ramon says his family is proud of how far he has come since moving to the United States, getting students interested in math the same way they did for him.

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