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STUDENT PROFILE: Eau Claire’s Asia Watson Leaves Impact

Asia WatsonEau Claire High School senior Asia Watson is praised on and off the field as being someone who impacts lives. Even her career aspiration of becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist and opening her own practice reflects her natural inclination toward service.

“I like being there to help people talk about their feelings and desires,” she said. “(My dream is) to have a sustainable job and income that allows me to live (as) I desire.”  

Asia is active in several organizations and activities at Eau Claire. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and she has served on the Superintendent’s Council and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) as an executive board member and state president.

Melanie Williams, a career and technical education (CTE) teacher at Eau Claire and the board chairwoman of the South Carolina chapter of the FCCLA, remembers Asia as a freshman student.

“Four years ago, Asia was sitting in my class as a freshman so quiet and scared. She really didn't talk to many people,” said Williams. “I saw something in her eyes, so I invited her to become a member of FCCLA and it was there that it all began.”

Asia became an FCCLA student officer that same year and traveled with the group to the organization’s national leadership conference in California for a week.

“We became family and haven't looked back since,” said Williams, who characterizes Asia as hard-working, caring and memorable.

Asia is also studious, and she enjoys the game of softball. She’s the pitcher on Eau Claire’s varsity softball team and often has to strike a balance between academics and athletics.

Belton Goodwin, her softball coach, said Asia has taught him some lessons, including the importance of setting priorities and staying focused.

“Asia, as a player, is dedicated to her craft, her team and herself, wanting to be the best,” said Coach Goodwin.

As a student, Coach Goodwin said Asia puts her academic studies first.

“Last year she did not play because (she was taking) dual enrollment (courses). Asia said, ‘Coach, I can’t play and keep up my grades,’” he said. “What I have learned from Asia is to keep my head up, keep pushing and not settle for average but to push toward excellence.”

Coach Goodwin believes that Asia will help to change lives. After graduating from high school in June, she will head back to her home state to study psychology at Delaware State University in the fall.

During her freshman year at Eau Claire, Asia said she was given guidance that she will carry with her.

“The best advice I’ve been given is that your freshman year, whether college or high school, is your foundation year,” she said. “It’s so hard to correct mistakes done in the past, so starting off on a good foot is the best way to go about beginning a new chapter in your life.”