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Richland One Continues Partnership to Place a Library Card in the Hand of Each Student

New Richland One students will receive public library cards and new student accounts from Richland Library on Oct. 4. This is the sixth year Richland One has participated in the ConnectED Library Card Project, which encourages public libraries to work with school districts and municipalities to guarantee every student within their respective communities has access to the library’s resources and services. Over that time, approximately 100,000 cards have been distributed and accounts have been opened.

The project is part of the national Leaders Library Card Challenge initiated by President Obama’s administration in 2015.

Elementary school students receive a library card through the project that can be activated online or at any Richland Library location. Students who already have library cards can exchange them for the new ConnectED card to have any fees waived, if applicable. The ConnectED accounts do not accrue late fines.

Middle and high school students receive a student account using their student ID number. Accounts are created automatically each school year, unless students opt out during school registration. Again, these ConnectED accounts do not accrue late fines.

The partnership is one of the many ways students and families are supported through library services and programming, said Travis Nelson, Richland One’s library media consultant in the office of learning environments and instructional resources.

“Richland One school libraries are at the very heart of the schools and communities that they serve and support,” Nelson added.  “The ConnectED partnership with Richland Library expands the reach of Richland One library services by exponentially increasing access to books and resources that support academic growth and student interest while empowering students to become effective users and creators of ideas and information.”

Through the partnership, students also receive full access to programming designed to develop their language, reading and critical thinking skills; digital resources; and broadband connectivity and wireless access within any Richland Library.