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Richland One Observes March as Social Work Month


Richland One joins in the observance of March as Social Work Month. The theme for Social Workers this month is “Social Workers are Essential.” This embodies the heroic contributions of the Social Work profession to our nation. Social Workers have always been present in times of crisis, helping people overcome issues such as death and grief and helping people and communities recover from natural disasters such as Columbia’s 100-year flood, the Allen-Benedict housing crisis, helping to acclimate and resettle refugee families and currently the COVID-19 pandemic.


Richland County School District One encourages district employees to consider honoring the Social Workers that work among them. Make them feel appreciated by writing a note, have the students draw a picture or just say a simple “thank you” when you see the Social Worker.

The Social Media Toolkit -- -- has many resources and avenues that you can use to show your appreciation to your Social Worker. Students, teachers and parents may also learn more about the Social Work profession at,

Learn more about the Social Workers in Richland County School District One at,