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Dreher Student’s Artwork Brings Awareness to Teen Domestic Violence



lyla Teen domestic violence is not an easy subject to talk about. Artwork created by Dreher High School student Layla Davis captured some of the emotion and pain that could help spark those conversations and promote change and healing for teens in our community.


Layla, a gifted artist in Dreher’s AP art program, won a social media digital painting contest sponsored by the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA). The contest’s theme was “What It Means to be a Man.” Layla won $250 and her artwork will be published and used by the coalition to spread awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.


According to her AP art teacher, Jen Gorlewski, creating the art piece began with Layla learning more about domestic violence. “Layla researched various aspects of domestic violence and how it impacts people. She then took her research and created powerful images illustrating difficult aspects of domestic violence that are often hard to talk about.”


Ms. Gorlewski says Layla was so moved by her initial research into domestic violence that she is continuing to learn more about the topic and to create new, powerful art pieces.


Learn more about SCCADVASA’s social media contest here: To learn more about teen sexual assault prevention, visit .


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