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20 Richland One Teachers Achieve National Board Certification, Renewal


Eight more Richland One teachers have earned National Board certification and 12 other district teachers have renewed their National Board certification this year.


National Board certification, which is awarded by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, is the highest teaching credential a teacher can achieve. It recognizes accomplished teachers through a three-year, two-part process assessing content knowledge and teaching proficiency.


The district now has 274 National Board-certified teachers. Richland One credits its comprehensive support programs for teachers as a contributor to the district’s success.


“The accomplishments of Richland One teachers lead to students learning more, teachers improving their practice and teachers demonstrating a commitment to excellence,” said Dr. Candice Coppock, director of Richland One’s Office of Instructional Services.


Richland One proudly congratulates its new National Board-certified and recertified teachers.


 New National Board-Certified Teacher  Richland One School/Facility
Vanessa Bankhead  Brennen Elementary
Lindsey Jefferson  Brennen Elementary
Katherine Hart  Caughman Road Elementary
Eunice Gloster-Pou  H.B. Rhame Elementary
Skylar Miller  Satchel Ford Elementary
Kevin Fletcher  W.A. Perry Middle
Cheri Stakely  Waverly Administration Building
Faith Woods  Sandel Elementary



 Recertified National Board Teacher   Richland One School/Facility
 Martha Wright   A.C. Moore Elementary
 Caroline Manning   Brennen Elementary
 Terri Washington   Greenview Elementary
 Sara Parsons   Crayton Middle
Brian McCants  Hand Middle
Judith Mwamuka  A.C. Flora High
Jennifer Stokes  Waverly Administration Building
Elizabeth Ancone  Waverly Administration Building
Ana Hernnandez  Rosewood Elementary School
Caroline Carson  Rosewood Elementary
Gloria Losado  Forest Heights Elementary
Latha Janet  Dreher High School



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