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Richland One Announces New, Easier Online Job Application System

Applying for a job in Richland One is faster and easier now, thanks to the district’s implementation of an online application system called Frontline. Prospective candidates can apply for positions on their computers, cell phones or other mobile devices.


“Frontline is very user-friendly,” said Dr. Jeffery Long, chief human resources officer for Richland One. “We’re very excited about Frontline and the impact it will make on our job application process.”


Long said another advantage of the system is that prospective candidates who have applied at other organizations that use Frontline can pull up information from Frontline and import it into their job application for Richland One.


“They won’t have to re-enter or retype it,” he said. “That’s a big time saver.”


Richland One has many teaching, administrative and athletics positions available to qualified candidates. Job seekers can access Richland One’s Frontline application system at