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School Telehealth Enrollees Could Win $100 VISA Gift Card

There’s something to be said for being healthy, wealthy and wise. Parents signing up for Richland One’s telehealth program February 1-22 could win a $100 VISA gift card for their child. Richland One and Palmetto Health offer telehealth medical services to students at five district schools in the Lower Richland community: Southeast Middle, as well as Hopkins, Gadsden, Webber and Horrell Hill elementary schools.


The names of students enrolling by February 22 will be entered in a drawing for the gift card. The school nurse with the most students enrolled by that date also wins a $100 VISA gift card.


Rather than having parents leave work and drive to school to pick up a sick child, telehealth allows students to be examined while at school using special medical equipment.


Telehealth is like a normal doctor’s office visit except it’s through video conferencing. Through the use of video conferencing equipment in the school nurse’s office, students get a face-to-face visit with a licensed Palmetto Health doctor or nurse practitioner. In addition to a monitor, the telehealth cart contains a microphone that allows the school nurse and student to speak to the doctor. There’s a stethoscope attached so the doctor can hear sounds from the student’s heart and lungs. Other devices on the cart allow the doctor to look into a child’s ears, nose, eyes and mouth and to check the skin, just like a routine office visit. Students receive quick non-emergency medical treatment and prescriptions, if needed, are sent to a pharmacy of the family’s choice after the medical visit. Telehealth doesn’t replace the child’s pediatrician, but offers a more convenient, faster way for children to get medical care.


Parents can learn more about telehealth and sign up by contacting the school nurse at their child’s school:

* Hopkins Elementary 695-4057

* Gadsden Elementary 353-4029

* Webber Elementary 353-4013

* Southeast Middle 695-5708

* Horrell Hill Elementary 783-5682


Media inquiries should be directed to the Richland One Office of Communications at 231-7504 or 231-7510.