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Dreher High School Hosts Unified Spirit Basketball Game

A Unified Spirit basketball game held November 18 wrapped up Dreher High School’s celebration of Unified Spirit Week, which focused on the importance of inclusion.

Students from Dreher, A.C. Flora, and Columbia high schools played four half-court games lasting 10-15 minutes, giving students with special needs an opportunity to show off their basketball skills.

“We want Dreher High School and Richland One to include students of all abilities,” said Dreher special education teacher Savannah Le, who organized the event. “This event showcases our awesome [special education] students and helps get the general education population more involved with the students in our community with special needs.”

It was a non-sanctioned Special Olympics event, which means the school worked with Special Olympics South Carolina but did not follow official sport rules set by Special Olympics International. More than 20 student-athletes with special needs played, as well as about 15 Unified Partners, which are students without intellectual disabilities who participate with the athletes in a fun and meaningful way.

“We are so excited to further our message of inclusion with Dreher’s event today,” said Anna Parks, the sports and program manager for Special Olympics South Carolina. “We’re happy to support Dreher and Richland One.”

About 50 student volunteers, including members of Dreher’s cheerleading team and cadets from the school’s Naval Junior ROTC program, helped out.

Dreher senior Ana Creed volunteered as part of Club Give, a club she started at the school. She worked with freshman Rosemary McCravy, one of Le’s students who participated on the court.

“I’ve known Rosemary since elementary school,” said Creed. “I was happy to see everyone supporting her.”


Student-athletes from Dreher and A.C. Flora









 Student-athletes from Dreher and A.C. Flora high schools participate in one of four half-court basketball games. 


Student-athletes from Columbia High School show off their skills










Student-athletes from Columbia High School show off their skills.


Fans in the stands with signs






 Fans in the stands with signs cheer for the athletes.


Rosemary McCravy and Ana Creed












 Dreher freshman Rosemary McCravy (left) practices her skills with senior Ana Creed (right).