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Redo/Retake Plan - Grades 3-12

Richland County School District One is implementing a Redo/Retake Plan as a strategy to help ensure mastery learning for students.  Nationwide, educators are continuously looking for methods to incorporate into the classroom which would increase opportunities for students to master content/skills in order to be successful in school. The practice of allowing students to retake assessments, after receiving additional tutoring or instructional support, gives some students additional time to learn as well as deepens their understanding of concepts.


Redo/Retake Plan guidelines have been developed to ensure consistent implementation across the district.  These guidelines include specific assessments that students will be given an opportunity to redo/retake.


Assessments covered include the following:


  • weekly assessments,
  • classroom tests/quizzes, and
  • class projects.   



Assessments not covered include the following:


  • homework,
  • daily classwork,
  • late work,
  • nine week exams, and
  • final exams.




General Guidelines


  • Students who score below 70 can redo/retake up to three (3) assessments/projects per marking period. Students will have only one opportunity to redo/retake each assessment.

  • The higher grade achieved up to 70 (original or redo) will be recorded.

  • The teacher determines the re-teaching/tutoring opportunity required prior to the student retaking the assessment. 

  • Retakes will cover same objectives but will not be the original assessment/assignment. Alternative assignments may be required at the teacher’s discretion since some assessments/assignments may not be replicated.

  • The redo/retake opportunity will occur no later than within five (5) days of the end of the marking period.



Student Procedures



  1. The student must complete a Redo/Retake Plan of Study.

  2. Sign and get parent/guardian signature.

  3. Submit the Plan of Study to the teacher within three (3) school days of receiving the assessment score below 70. 


*Teacher Procedures


  1. The teacher reviews the Plan of Study and indicates the tutoring/instructional support required and the rescheduled assessment date/time.

  2. Sign the Plan of Study and submit a copy to the student/parent.

  3. The teacher may schedule a redo/retake opportunity before school, during school or after school. 

  4. Keep a copy of each Plan of Study as a part of your student files.



*Complete process within seven (7) days of receiving the student’s Plan of Study.