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Greetings Rocket Visitors,

Greetings Rocket Visitors,

linda norton Thank you for perusing our website to learn more about our amazing school and the astronomical things that are happening.  Welcome aboard WN Discovery where your visit will be atypical from any other. Actually, it will be out of this world!

As you approach our Universe, you will immediately notice the welcoming landscaping and inviting doorway of our Apollo station.  Our main office staff anxiously await all visitors in order to serve you with great customer service and a smile. As you exit the main office, you will be amazed by our atrium of accomplishments and success as you view the many plaques and banners our school has received.  Now, continue to our cafeteria and multipurpose room where delicious meals are served and our students are engaged in great conversations regarding their rewarding learning experiences! 

Hold on, your journey will increase at warp speeds as you explore one of our intergalactic corridors.  The WN Discovery launches like a rocket, maneuvers in orbit like a spacecraft and lands like an airplane. 

Atlantis – This is an extraordinary space where students are provided additional academic assistance and resources are housed to maintain a safe and beautiful rocket!

Challenger – Our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are little people with big ideas! They have accepted their role as a vital part of society and are determined to make great contributions! 

Enterprise – Leaders, we are learners today so that we can be leaders tomorrow.  Our third, fourth and fifth grade students are involved in cutting-edge activities.  Be careful, there’s no such thing as a short stay once you visit. 

Mercury - What a connection! Books, music, physical education and orchestra.  This is a journey that should never end.  These areas are sure to challenge your mind and body to spaces you’ve never explored!

Pioneer – Explore a world of colors in our Art class then take a short voyage to our world changing second grade science lab.  This is where life-changing experiments will take place. 

Saturn – Parents and teachers can find out of this world curricular resources from the Curriculum Resource Teacher.  Students receive services from the speech therapist while parents participate in wonderful activities such as Books n Breakfast, Grits for Grandparents, and the laptop at home program with the parent educator. 

Again, thank you for visiting “our space” to learn more about our mission.  Please visit again, the doors to the WN Discovery are always open! 

Dr. Linda Norton