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Phase II: Opt In Option Link


October 15, 2020


Greetings ROMC Parents,

First, we would like to thank each of you for your support, partnership, and patience as we work to provide the safest and most academically astute learning program for your child.  Last week we introduced an opt-in hybrid option for parents. Almost immediately thereafter, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) released updated data that deemed Richland County to be at the Medium risk level for COVID-19.

Per our original plan, a transition to Phase 2 (Hybrid) follows the designation of the district to Medium risk. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we are now able to move fully to the Hybrid phase with a start date of November 9, 2020 for ROMC students. This means we will abandon the opt-in process that was announced last week. To that end, we ask that ALL ROMC parents complete the Phase II Hybrid Preference form by October 22 so that we are clear on your preference as we implement Phase II at ROMC. Please also note, that the transition to Phase II has no bearing on Virtual SC courses and dual enrollment courses through Midlands Technical College. Please follow the guidelines for those courses and schools, respectively.

Link to the Updated Form:

In addition, we want to share with you a few items that parents and students should consider as students are returning to campus for face-to-face instruction.


  1. The school day for students is 9:30am-4:00pm on Monday-Thursday. On Friday, classes are held from 9:30am-1:15pm. We ask that students arrive on campus no earlier than 15 minutes before their first ROMC class, and leave no later than 15 minutes after their last ROMC class.
  2. Visitation for ROMC is limited. Parents, if you need to enter the building for any reason, please call ahead for an appointment.
  3. ROMC’s tardy and attendance policies will be enforced. No exceptions will be permitted. You are still required to submit excuses in writing to Mrs. Niles at


  1. Your child must wear a MASK every day. THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE. If he or she cannot wear a mask, we will provide a face shield to be worn on campus. If your child refuses to keep his or her mask on, you will be contacted to pick him or her up immediately.  This precaution will be highly enforced to ensure the safety of all staff and students.
  2. When entering classrooms and other designated common areas, students are expected to practice social distancing, wash and/or sanitize their hands regularly, sit in designated areas (preferably behind plexi-glass desk guards), and to sanitize their work areas. Hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and gloves will be available.
  3. We encourage parents to do self-checks for temperatures and other illnesses before sending the child to school.
  4. If your child has been exposed to COVID-19 or has a positive result, he or she cannot attend school. Please follow all of the CDC guidelines to quarantine. Our COVID-19 school contact is Mrs. Teresa Niles, she can be reached at (803) 738-7123 or via email at She will assist in properly coding your child’s absences and establishing contact with teachers so that your child can continue to receive assignments.

Classroom and Lunch Structures and Formats:

  1. All ROMC who are returning for face-to-face instruction during the Hybrid Phase are assigned to Cohort A, which means they will report to school each week Monday-Tuesday. These students will receive virtual instruction Wednesday-Friday. (See enclosed schedule.)
  2. Plans for teaching and learning will be communicated to parents at least weekly. Contact your child’s teacher directly if you have questions or concerns.
  3. Please make sure that you have access to Parent Portal to keep up with your child’s progress in his/her classes.
  4. Students must bring their device to school daily. Please charge devices the night before as chargers and other supplies cannot be shared with others.
  5. Encourage students to check their Microsoft Teams groups and email accounts for the latest information regarding their classes and other school related activities.

Lastly, please find comfort in knowing we are doing everything possible to ensure your child’s safety while at ROMC.  We are educators who have anxiously anticipated the arrival of our students, and we know that their physical presence will only add to our passion and energy for teaching and learning.  We are here to support and serve you.  We are ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  Together, we believe we can achieve great things.

Kind regards,

Dr. Carla Brabham