Registrar's Office
  • 1310 Lyon Street, Columbia, SC 29204
    Phone: (803) 231-6944 • Fax: (803) 231-6949

    The District Registrar's Office works with students and families regarding the following concerns:
    • Admission requirements
    • School Zone information (clarifications or research)
    • Proof of residence Requirements
    • Custody or guardianship Issues
    • Students needing a transfer from their zoned school to another school
    • Families requesting Out-of-District Acceptance who continue to reside in neighboring districts
    • Families requesting Out-of-District Release from Richland One to seek admission to neighboring districts

  • Lisa Blackwell
    District Registrar

  • Loreal Nelms-Howard
    Assistant District Registrar

  • Betty Haynes-Rice
    Registrar’s Office Secretary

Directions to The Registrar's Office