• In the spring of each school year, AC Flora hosts an Awards Program for students in grades 9-11.

    The Awards Program includes a presentation of College and University Book Awards, a presentation of Junior Scholar and Junior Fellow Awards, and a presentation of the
    Principal's Awards.  Below is more information, including criteria, for the awards.

    College and University Book Awards

    The College and University Book Awards are presented to juniors at AC Flora's annual Awards Program.  The Book Awards are presented to juniors who possess the criteria given by each College/University.  The award itself is a book chosen by the presenter, alumni of the Colleges/Universities.

    The Book Awards Program at AC Flora started over five years ago, with several Book Awards being presented at that time, and has grown through the generosity of our alumni.  As Brown University explains, the Book Award program is two-fold: "it combines the satisfaction of rewarding individual scholarship with promotion of the College or University's name among high school students."

    AC Flora's Principal, Guidance Director, and IB Coordinator handle the administration of the Book Award Program.  College and University Book Awards and their criteria are presented to faculty and staff who ultimately vote and select the recipients. The awards themselves are sponsored by the alumni or the College or University's local Alumni Chapter.

    Junior Scholar and Junior Fellow Awards

    Each year, various state Colleges and Universities reach out to AC Flora, seeking to honor high school juniors who exhibit potential.  Criteria varies by school but usually includes strong academics, leadership, involvements in extracurricular activities, and community service.  Some criteria also includes a minimum GPA, as well as standardized test score.  Criteria for each Junior Scholar or Junior Fellow Awards Program, as well as benefits of being recognized as a Scholar, can be found on the College or University's website.