• Overview of the Dress Code Policy for 2018-2019

    ~ Students should not wear the following items: leggings, muscle shirts, ripped jeans without leggings/shorts under, hats/bandannas inside, sunglasses inside.

    ~ Shorts and skirts must be long enough to reach the mid-thigh.

    ~ Policy is in accordance with Richland One District Policy.

    Richland One Policy JICA Student Dress Code                                                                                                         Issued 5/07 Purpose: To establish the basic structure for determining appropriate dress standards for students.  School districts have the right to set limits on the dress of students. All students have the responsibility to comply with (observe) these limits and the basic standards of cleanliness and good grooming. Parents/Legal guardians also share the responsibility for assuring that students dress in an appropriate manner. A student's dress and appearance should not be such that it causes disruption, is immodest, distracts others from the educational process or creates a health or safety problem. The board directs the superintendent to develop appropriate administrative rules to put this policy into effect.


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