• CAJ Prom

    Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021 

    Time: 8 p.m - Midnight  

    Location:   2219 Barhamville Rd, Columbia, SC 29204  

    Cost: $25 single $50 CAJ couple and $55.00 Non-CAJ Date

    • Tickets can be purchased at this link beginning APRIL 13 https://richlandone.hometownticketing.com/admin/events/view/305
    • Unlike previous years, ticket prices will not increase each week. Regardless of when you purchase, tickets will remain the same.  However, we recommend purchasing sooner rather than later to help ensure you are able to attend the Senior Prom.  
    • Each Senior will be allowed to purchase a maximum of two tickets for both the Senior and their date.
    • Please note that we are unable to refund the cost of any ticket for any reason, regardless of who purchased it. Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee entry into Prom. Students must be in good disciplinary standing, fill out the RSVP form (information below), and bring proper identification for both their dates and themselves (information below). 

    RSVP: In addition to purchasing a ticket, it is required that you fill out the C.A. Johnson High School Prom 2021 RSVP Form, which can be accessed on the school's website. Please see link below:    Failure to complete the RSVP form could result in denial of entry into Prom for both you and your date. 

    Outside Guests: The District Office has approved outside guests to attend Prom this year as well. As in years past, there are requirements for approval in place to ensure the safety of all Prom attendees. If you would like to bring a date who does not attend C.A. Johnson High School, you will need to complete the Outside Guest Form  and deliver or email the form to Ms. Simmons in the Media Center (jacquelyne.simmons@richlandone.org). The Outside Guest Form is due no later than Wednesday, May 5, 2021. 

    Prom King & Queen: If you are interested in running for Prom King or Queen, the application and instructions are also below. Voting will take place at the Prom and winners will be announced then as well.  Please obtain all signatures and either deliver or email to Ms. Simmons in the Media Center / Jacquelyne.simmons@richlandone.org.   The Prom Queen/King application is due no later than April 30, 2021. 

    General Guidelines & Expectations: Please read all guidelines and expectations in full. They are in place to help ensure the safety of all Prom attendees. Additional information will be forthcoming. 

    • All guests must be approved by C.A.J administration. There are no exceptions.
    • C.A.J Administration reserves the right to deny anyone entrance to the prom. Richland County Sheriff’s Deputies will be patrolling the parking areas and will be inside the prom for the entire evening. Please do not do anything before, during, or after prom that would cause you to be suspended, expelled, or arrested!
    • Students must fill out the C.A. Johnson High School Prom 2021 RSVP Form.   The form is below.   Failure to complete this form could result in denial of admission into Prom, regardless of ticket purchase, for both you and your date.
    • ALL students and guests must present a current, official picture ID at the door. Acceptable forms of ID include a CURRENT School ID, driver’s license, military ID, etc.
    • There will be no at-the-door ticket sales and ticket prices cannot be discounted. Tickets must be purchased by publicized deadlines.
    • C.A. Johnson students are responsible for the behavior of themselves and their invited guests.
    • Students must wear a mask at all times during Prom, except when actively drinking/eating and must comply with social distancing guidelines.
    • Attendance at prom is a choice, not a requirement. Your choice to attend indicates that you fully understand and are fully aware of the inherent risks of infection from the COVID-19 virus and pandemic, among other communicable diseases, in all public spaces. Your choice to attend also indicates that you fully understand and are fully aware that attendance at Prom may result in an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, Mrs. Gayle-Gardner OR Mr. Dameon Franklin.